We use our channel products as building blocks to deliver solutions for niche markets including
  • retail
  • real estate
  • pubs
An example of such a solution for the real estate business:
  • Dynamically manage the website with information (images, documents, 3d views, 360degrees views, etc) of real estates through an online content management tool.
  • Show the web images, 3d views or 360degrees views on a selection of screens (TFT, plasma or old CRT) in the shop or office window. Web content will be reused for digital signage.
  • Banner a specific SMS call number where viewers that pass-by can send their email address to.
  • Deliver all the required information (sales dossier) to the email send by SMS. The receiver will be profiled to be interested in this type of real estate.
  • 1 to 1 marketing: periodically check the database for matches between profiles and available real estates and send targeted emails with real estates details to the matching profiles. This will result in higher sales hit rate.
  • 1 to 1 marketing: when customers that are profiled visit the website, all information and news is adapted to their profile. This will result in higher customer satisfaction and sales hit rate, as they will mostly see what they are interested in. Again, all actions on the website (search, web paths, etc.) are saved back into the profile of the visitor.
  • Fully integrate an email marketing campaign manager that permits to build emails from the online content (images, documents, 3d views, etc.) and send html emails to specific profiles with full tracking. Web content will be reused for email marketing.
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